Cutting-edge animation and logo design services for web and interfaces to get stunning experience.

We start to create a customized animation based service solutions according to our clients’ needs and niche.

Our company has dedicated a team of experts so we always create best animation designs with innovative tools and latest design software. We use unique techniques that surely meet all your needs and business model. We start to create a customized animation based service solutions according to our clients’ needs and niche. We are here to design, manage, as well as develop custom applications that perfectly suit all your needs. With our service, you can easily increase equity as well as identity in various media.

We help our customers in any situation be it digital or electronic. As one of the leading and trusted software solution providers, our company only provides quality solutions; with our service solution, you will get extra marketing edge to business.

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Make Your Thoughts Visual

We offer animation services based on the niche that allows you to attract customers across the world. We use unique techniques that surely meet all your needs and business model.


Dynamic Website development business promotion

The dynamic website contains web pages that dynamically give varied information each time when the web page loads. It is the type of website and it may change with respect to the user, location, time etc.

Our designer team adopt themselves to your identity as well as transform your innovative thinking and creative ideas into a professional website. We are also popular in creating complex interactive as well as multimedia environments.

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Static Website development to reduce investment

Static Website is a client-side application and this website is also designed as well as developed to the clients or customers exactly as it is stored. Even inputs not to be updated regularly. We have become one of the best authoritative options for the business people who are looking for the static websites for the low cost.

With the integration of the advanced technology, we offer a static website for both personal and business requirements. We are also striving away our intention to offer most innovative and highly creative static web pages to our customers.


Motion Graphics For Business Promotion

Currently, motion graphics are everywhere and now most people use motion graphics in marketing message to drive a website, advertising promotion or a presentation. Due to the increasing needs, we offer professional motion graphic services including logo animation, banners, multimedia video creation etc

Apart from that, you will get increased ROI, visibility even it will create a great distinct brand identity so approach our company to create the lifestyle you desire. It is the most effective option to boost their equity and online visibility. We offer Motion Graphics services based on the niche which attract customers.

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UI Design for a thoughtful end-user experience

The main objective of UI (User Interface) design and development is to offer a thoughtful end-user experience so we always take a user-centric design approach to each service and product we develop. Be it the mobile application of web we not only adopt structured process also use ultra-modern techniques and design elements to achieve maximum results.

It’s simple. We at Xotiv always take full responsibility for product structure client’s customer analysis, client analysis, content development, strategy, prototyping, interactivity, user-friendly & realistic visual development, Wireframing.


3D Animation For Your Brand Promotion

3D animation used to bring the figures to life; we can breathe life into 3-dimensional characters for your product demos, website, presentation etc. Our dedicated team of animators also adopts different types of 3D animation that includes cel-shaded animation, crowd simulation, motion capture, morph target animation, skeletal etc.

We help you create innovative and engaging products as well as our services simultaneously ensuring rapid time to market. First of all, we offer best animation designing services based on your needs.

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