Data science is an essential field that helps to boost profitability and operational efficiency of a business.

Quality data science services to recognize and refine your target audience

The core of our data science services is to increase the profitability as well as improve the business performance, workflows and operational efficiency of your business. Using a blend of new data science techniques, Xotiv Technology is capable to bring the insights into every aspect of your business operation.

The expert team of data science offers has the experience and knowledge to satisfy the demands of current’s quickly changing digital marketing. The data scientists can facilitate rapid and information reactions to quickly change the behaviour. We also provide the best range of solutions that aid you in discovering and refining your target audience.

We have a robust approach in this field that let us bring services to various sectors, including transportation, banking, education and more.

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Data Science Begins Surprise Analytics Business

Using a blend of new data science techniques, our expert team members are capable to bring the insights into every aspect of your business operation.


Supervised Learning is a highly preferred approach used to solve real-time problems.

Xotiv Technology comes with a common form of machine learning, named supervised learning. By using this technique, an array of examples is submitted as an input to a system during any phase.

We have the best range of supervision learning models that have some benefits over other approaches. These are the best systems which are highly possible to make the judgments that people can relate to, for instance, because people have offered some basis for the decision.

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Clustering xotiv


Clustering helps business owners to run multiple services on single computers or multiple computers.

You can use our clustering services to evenly distribute the load as well as processing within your product domain for making the proper use of a system infrastructure. Xotiv Technology offers clustering services that help you to improve the system performance and availability.

The major benefit of setting up an effective environment is that it helps you to improve scalability and performance. Another benefit of using our service is that it helps you to manage the process easily.


Structured prediction is a sunshade term for the supervised machine learning techniques.

The main goal of our structured predictions is to develop machine learning models which predict the relational data which itself has the structure of being composed of several interrelated parts.

Xotiv Technology has effective models that reflect the task-specific relations, prior knowledge, and constraints. These are useful models that are used in various fields, including natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision and more. Our models also carry out few tasks as predicting the natural language sentence.

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Dimensionality reduction xotiv


Dimensionality reduction is about reducing the count of random variables under consideration.

Xotiv Technology comes with effective algorithms for dimensionality reduction. It is significant to know that it is a method of reducing the overall number of variables completely under consideration but acquiring an array of principal variables.

Additionally, our dimensionality reduction algorithm makes the data analyzing much faster and easier for the machine learning algorithms with no extraneous variables for processing. It is an effective task that makes machine learning algorithms simpler and faster in turn.


Memory Forensics to retrieve data

When traditional or any other methods fail, it is better to approach experts dive deeper into the data. Our experts are ready to assist you. With the advanced forensic tools and techniques, we offer best Memory Forensics solutions.

Apart from that we also ensure prevention of incidence of data theft so you no need to worry about any factors. We are the highly talented professionals continuously focus on offering cutting-edge solutions that allow our customers to reach their targets with ease.

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Neural networks xotiv


Neural networks are well-known for its adaptive nature.

Xotiv Technology is the best platform where you can find out the best range of neural networks. They have the ability to modify themselves because they learn from the initial training as well as subsequent runs give more data regarding the world.

Our neural networks can approach every problem in a different way. It is an essential approach that helps people to complete the task in an easy way.


Reinforcement learning is an essential process that helps to maximize the system performance.

We have many best reinforcement learning practices. We serve several industries such as e-commerce, finance, and manufacturing. The finest and most effective practices help to increase the system performance.

The reinforcement learning practice of Xotiv Technology also helps business to make the financial investment decisions without taking more time. These are the finest features of reinforcement learning that helps business owners to improve their business performance.

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Anomaly Detection Xotiv


Anomaly Detection is used to detect various kinds of anomalous patterns in the time series data.

We are the leading provider who offers the most efficient and effective solution for an array of solutions. Anomaly detection is an effective solution that helps to perform several tasks including network traffic monitoring, performance monitoring, health monitoring and more.

Xotiv Technology has some best scenarios that help business owners to increase the functionality and performance of your business.