Mobility services incorporate with the business processes for delivering simple-to-use and engaging mobile solutions.

Engaging mobile solutions to increase the growth of your organization

Mobility is the most disruptive and effective technology that get more fame among business owners because of its reach and impact. Now, enterprises are continually challenged for keeping pace with the accelerated proliferation of various devices with different form factors on various platforms. Organizations are also finding it complex to increase the potential of the mobile opportunities for workplace solutions, partner engagement, and consumer engagement. Xotiv Technology comes with an excellent range of mobility solutions that helps enterprises to improve their performance. We are the experts who understand the significance of client experience for every mobile solution. We have a team of highly skilled designers who ensure that our solutions offer engaging and compelling experiences. Moreover, our mobility solutions also enable the mobile users to create, consume and share relevant details on the move.

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Mobility Helps In A Lot Of Ways

We help different kinds of business to stay spirited with by offering he reliable and scalable technology solutions. Our app developers improve procedural transactions, operation and customer experience to bring our clients better satisfaction.


Mobile business intelligence gives access to business intelligence data on advanced mobile phones.

Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) is the capability to access all BI related information such as business metrics, dashboards, and KPIs on a mobile phone. Xotiv Technology has a team of skilled developers who have the capability to develop the mobile BI system. Early mobile BI advocates immediately grabbed the overall potential of advanced mobile devices to ease the distribution of business-critical information to mobile.

Our services leverage the existing BI infrastructure of our clients as well as user access the constraint guidelines. By using our services, clients can easily view the reports in the real time.

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Mobile security plays a major in the workplace

Companies do not ignore the increasing demand for the mobile solutions in their workplace. It is an extremely difficult to understand as well as evaluate the security concerns around the products. For eliminating the hassles, Xotiv Technology comes with the best range of mobile security solutions. We have the world-class mobile security professionals.

We offer the best range of mobile security services and solutions that help organizations to keep their business safe and secure.


Mobile device management is a useful term for the effective administration of advanced mobile devices.

Mobile applications and devices are essential to the success of your organization. These best resources also create an array of challenges. If you face any challenges while managing compliances, devices, security, human cost and capital, you can hire Xotiv Technology. We are the skilled experts who come with an array of policies for mobile device management.

We also have some effective tools for enforcing the policies, regulate and monitor behaviours, manage risk and manage cost across every device platform. Our security professionals can monitor the security incidents and avoid the risk of security threats and lose information.

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Mobile application management is an administration and delivery of enterprise software.

Xotiv Technology comes with the best mobile application management system. It is a specially developed solution that aids with software configuration, lifecycle management of software and usage tracking. We are the experts who bring you the best mobile application management solution.

Our solutions offer corporate network administrators that have the capability to wipe the business mobile data and apps from the device of end users remotely. Moreover, our mobile application management solution also brings granular controls at an application level which enable the administrators to secure and manage app data.