Cyber security penetration testing services to manage the security risk

Remediate vulnerabilities with penetration testing against malicious attackers

Xotiv Technologies is accredited ethical hacking engagements enabling the organization of all sizes to easily manage the ultimate cyber security risk with identifying, helping and ethically exploiting remediate vulnerabilities. Knowing your vulnerabilities along with the methods most attackers could easily exploit them creates the great insight. Fortunately, it would increase the security program so our teams at Xotiv Technologies simulate the real-world attack on the applications, devices, networks and people for demonstrating security level to the maximum.

Our Penetration Test contains vulnerability assessment with the conventional system, network security scanning, and software testing. Our team of professionals also focuses on the assembly line assessments with the different approach.

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Discover The New Threats To Security System

Xotiv Technologies mainly focuses on the long-term relationship with ensuring best Penetration Test and offers professional security audit services that are tailored according to your needs.


Discover issues with manual Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing ultimately helps the companies to easily determine weaknesses present on the Network, Applications and Computer systems. To enhance the security features, it is important to find the issues or document the flaws on your own.

Penetration testing becomes the essential feature that is performed regularly to secure the functioning system. Our Comprehensive Penetration Tests is the ultimate process to automate certain tasks, discover issues in manual analysis and improves the efficiency of the product.

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Discover Application Penetration Tests new threats to Security system

At Xotiv Technologies we deliver the quality Application Penetration Tests that is tailored based on your needs. Our team works with customers for building the accurate profile with the primary function. We also ensure the work conducted to meet all exact needs and not productized easily.

Our Application Penetration Tests target assets of your company that is visible on internet. Main goal is to gain access and extract the valuable data. Xotiv Technologies is highly known for delivering quality solution for the clients.


Employing wireless solution for greater flexibility

Our Penetration Testing Services is recognized as world leader based on the information security training, pen testing tools as well as authors of multiple exploits. in much more extensive manner. With years of security experience, our team in Xotiv has proven the time with excellent delivery to the extent. Our team is also expert in handling both the static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.

Wireless solution offers great flexibility with greater potential to attack the weak encryption algorithms. Risks can be significant so Wireless Penetration Tests is carried on to stop high-end security breaches.

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